Michelson interferometer simulator
To simplify the life of optical practical work

What is it?

I offer here a simulation software of the Michelson interferometer.

A Michelson interferometer is often used in educational aim, in particular to highlight the principle of interferences between electro-magnetic waves.

Those who have already used a Michelson interferometer know how the settings are delicas and tedious. Which setting acts? Which micrometer to turn? Is the laser alignment that is involved? This is only a glimpse of the many questions that arise when the observation of interferences does not occur.

Using a simulator may then simplify your life!

There are other simulator on the Internet, but the ones I have found have various faults that I have tried to avoid. Here is a portfolio of the qualities of the simulator that you will download shortly.

Ergonomics and design

The simulator is ergonomic and has a modern style, optimized for touch interfaces.


The simulator settings are expressed in real units (millimeters and degrees). The interference figure obtained is then faithful to reality.


The calculation of interferences is automatically optimized by your OpenGL 4.0 or 3.3 graphics card, or run in multicore, depending on the capabilities of your computer.


The interference patterns can be stored in image files that can be integrated in your reports. Supported formats are bmp, png and jpeg.


The interference patterns are directly calculated. You can precisely define each parameter with a numeric value, or drag the graphic elements in the diagram.


The light rays that pass through the interferometer are shown dynamically in the diagram.


Here are all the versions of the Michelson interferometer simulator.

Logo Windows
Michelson interferometer simulator for Windows

Logo MacOS
Michelson interferometer simulator for MacOS

Logo Linux
Michelson interferometer simulator for Linux

Logo C++
Source code of the Michelson interferometer simulator


Context of Michelson interferometer simulator development

Photo de Benjamin ALBOUY-KISSI


I am computer science senior lecturer at the Computer Graphics department of the Institute of Technology of Le Puy-en-Velay (France). I am responsible for the software design and programming classes in C++. Every year I offer a concrete example of development to my freshmen. On the 2015-2016 year, the Michelson interferometer simulator was the subject of the study.

Other software

Other software

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